Unconventional design ideas for conventional spaces


A brief guide to bespoke spaces

The meaning of home, its role and the associated aspirations changed in 2020 when the pandemic hit the world. From seeing home as a place to come back to after a long day, it became a place where one was limited to and an elongated period of time. As a result, perceptions about home interiors transformed, functional and decor requirements changed, and so did the designing criteria. Today, people want their residential interiors to be an unconventional and individualistic spatial representation of their choices and memories to make their home distinct.

Choices and preferences can be vivid, ranging from admiration for a vibe to a thing; it could be a traditional arch or an aspiration for a contemporary space, or both! Best designers in India look at conventional areas through an unconventional lens; hence, the designs they manifest stand out. While that might seem complicated, there are elements that, when approached from a unique perspective, make for an individualistic space.

One way of delivering such a space is by imbibing contrasting elements that complement each other. Best interior designers in India prefer easy combinations of colours, materials and aesthetics to create poetic corners that stand out. It could simply replace partitions with fluted glass to create a spa-like experience through home decor. Experimenting with layout is an elemental method of creating innovative spaces in residential interiors. For instance, adhering to an open kitchen concept, the dining and cooking areas could be fluid, with one flowing into another. This will open up the vision, ensuring the space looks large.

Added to that, strategically approach your decor as elements of space-making thereby using them to demarcate activities; especially when space is tight. This could be creating a dressing console inside a closet with glass shutters to provide visibility yet have a seamless circulation or by breaking the norm and cutting the dining table in half and aligning it by the wall.

Spaces are long term commitment and hence should be designed to solve your functional requirements, offer comfort and be timeless. These unconventional ways of looking at conventional elements in interior design will weave a distinct personality of the space and ensure that you’re rejuvenated every time you are in it.