A rooted understanding of urban lifestyles and necessities.

Open Atelier Mumbai is an international award-winning interior design studio based out of Mumbai that strives with a design approach that is bold, vehement, and sophisticated. Founded by designer Rahul Mistri in 2013, the studio aims to craft vivacious and elegant spaces of quality derived from juxtapositioned elements and materials that connect through a display of visual and textural layers. The studio addresses the clients’ requirements as an essential part of their methodology and grounds their design process. Layering upon that with their dynamic design language, the studio designs inclusive spaces with exquisite displays of explorations in form and a play of materials. All design is strengthened by an exceptional focus on detail and quality to weave an empirical spatial narrative. The Open Atelier design service spans across India in major cities like Kolkata, Raipur, Lucknow, Chennai, and Mumbai, and international projects in Egypt.

OA Firm

Design Philosophy

Every space and its user deserve a unique individuality to it.

With a zest to learn and a sensitivity towards the occupants of the built environment, Open Atelier Mumbai continues to develop a body of work that celebrates modern design in a humane manner. Our firm and design values are honest and expressive. Our creations have an in-grained response toward experiential quality. We design and deliver maximised and expressive visuals. We create and curate opulent spaces that make a statement. Our designs have juxtapositioned elements yet a connected display of visual and textural layers. We are constantly experimenting and simultaneously amalgamating forms, themes, technology, and, most importantly, materials. Our designs are laid on advanced technologies and automation that streamline occupancy results.


Rahul Mistri, Principal Designer of the Open Atelier Mumbai, is a passionate interior designer with a focused and honest practice for over a decade. With an approach to deriving conceivable design, his design sensibility revolves around innovative and detailed creation and curation. With a musical background, his designs depict a certain asymmetrical harmony like chords of melody.

With an artistic ambition of being a musician, Mistri chose to channelise his creativity through his passion for interior design while studying at Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design in Mumbai. Before establishing Open Atelier in 2010, he was associated with a multinational design firm Office Blank based in New York and Mumbai, which he co-founded with Jugal Mistri. Besides design practice, Rahul contributes to academic pedagogy as a visiting professor at the Academy of Architecture and various other design institutions across the country. Mistri’s interest in material application, analysis, and production drives the zest to explore materialities that are visibly observed in his design.


Core Team

With a ‘yes is more’ approach, the studio addresses the clients’ requirements as an essential part of their methodology and grounds their design process in it. Open Atelier Mumbai Team’s individual but definitive ideologies have manifested into an exquisite portfolio of work that includes residential, commercial, hospitality and corporate projects. The studio categorises itself as a diligent student, aspiring to consistently renew its inspirations, shaping new ideas while contributing to shaping the built environment.

The all rounder team is a group of professionals who bring in their individual expertise and unique point of view for every task at hand. With an approach of efficient creativity and modernist style, the Open Atelier Mumbai Team dives into every project with a futuristic vision and dedication to their work ethos.