5 Points To Champion Retail Interiors


Today’s world thrives on marketing and brand values where every business, no matter how small, distinctly identifies with a particular set of philosophies. Not only do these set them apart from their contemporaries, but they also are instrumental in creating a brand recall for their clients and associates. One way of communicating these is through their services, but another direct route is through their spaces and for retail brands– their stores. Thus, the experience of these brand’s stores is crucial to establishing and communicating their values to the visitor. According to top interior designers in India, retail interiors need to be driven strategically and here are ways to help you champion them. 

  • Identify brand values

A brand could be classic, quirky, colourful, subtle and many other things. Narrowing down the elements that you wish to highlight is a good starting point. Apart from that, the client brief is an ideal point of departure to gauge the intangible aspects of their work. Accommodating these in their spatial narrative of the retail store through interior design will ensure that it stands out from the rest. 

  • Site inspection

While the values are abstract concepts, the immediate context of the retail store is what will directly impact the design. Inspect and measure the elements of design like windows, point of access, adjacent shops, location etc. These will be guiding points for the orientation of display units, circulation and furniture placement. 

  • Lay down your vision

Start putting your ideas on paper. These could be through sketches, diagrams or mood boards. Best retail designers in India recommend narrowing down your colour schemes, larger themes, and material palette and experimenting with elements of space-making to do justice to both the brand values and the site. 

  • Detail it out 

Once the narrative is achieved, start detailing the interior of the retail store. Pay particular attention to the retail display, the furniture pieces, the lighting ambience and the art installations. Ensure that the design elements are balanced so that they don’t take away from the products on display. You could also indulge in automation for the doors, display shelves, etc. 

  • Execute with precision 

All the hard work of conceptualising and planning is only validated with impeccable execution. Top designers in India keep an eye on the workmanship and finish of the materials so as to efficiently translate the client’s and their own vision into the retail interior