4 Ways of Achieving A Statement Ceiling


Ceilings form one of the largest visible surfaces of a space, more expansive than even the flooring. The notion that a ceiling can only be white or simple is primal and dated. Designers in India today are looking at the otherwise mundane element and treating it as the fifth wall, especially in home interiors. Thereby strategically utilising it to create an individualistic space that makes a statement. 

  • Colour block 

Colours are a great way to catch the eye, with a plethora of choices and options available. In home interiors, create a contrast with a bold colour on the ceiling, adding character and personality. For instance, incorporate an earthy tone instead of a muted shade which will still create a serene aesthetic. In addition, the distinct look is cost-efficient and requires the same investment as a white-painted ceiling. 

  • Murals

A ceiling adorned with art renders a dreamy look which narrates a story. Like art, these murals can be designed to have a personal association, ensuring that one never tires of the space. It could be caricatures on the ceiling of a bedroom that depicts the inhabitants or a stunning painted-glass surface in vivid colours atop a monochromatic powder room.

  • Dynamic forms

Ceilings are a canvas which have the potential to be dynamic and expressive. For example, the flat surface could be rethought as an arch, seamlessly transitioning from a wall to the top. Another option is an art installation, which could be a great addition to a muted room, be it a living room or a showroom. 

  • Lighting

An essential addition to any ceiling is lights. However, the way one approaches these design elements makes a significant difference, both in the ambience and the aesthetic. For example, instead of going with standard COB lights, one could experiment with different forms of track lights or a statement chandelier that is sure to grab attention. 

Design is all about self-expression, whether on the floor, walls or ceiling. One needs to think out of the box and do mundane things differently, and the results will be staggering. Amongst all design elements, the ceiling is one of the most overlooked, which, if approached the right way, could be the element people remember most about your spaces– homes and offices. Use these pointers to create a ceiling design that speaks volumes to you and about you!