Revamping Your Home As A New Year’s Resolution

New Year. New Resolutions. For some of us, end-of-the-year plans also include redecorating our homes to make a fresh start. Then, all these house parties will be thrown, and friends and relatives will be hosted over the holiday season. All of this requires our residences to be spic and span. Here are a few simple home updates to help revamp your home interiors for New Year’s:

Decluttering As A Home Philosophy
Ever since Marie Kondo released a primer on decluttering, we have become all too familiar with the premise of letting go of belongings that no longer serve us a purpose. As we approach the first day of 2024, we should inventory what seems too old, what we store in excess and how we can create space for something new. Even though this sounds relatively basic, every tiny change in interior design and furniture shift gradually results in a dramatic home makeover! Decluttering isn’t just a chore; it is also a living philosophy that can help organise our space—and thoughts.

Replace Christmas Buntings With New Year’s Decorations
Even though both these festivals fall within the same week, and many families choose to keep their Christmas decorations hung up until a few days after New Year’s, both days have a contrasting aesthetic. Christmas Eve is about wreaths, bunting, and a decked Christmas tree, whereas the night before New Year’s Day has a more pared-back look that resembles a cocktail party. So you can leave some of the greenery and fairy lights on and replace the rest with gas balloons and gold and silver party supplies.

Display Your Home Bar
The festive mood over the holiday season will call for some serious drinking! Even if you do not have a home bar, you can continually transform any console table, sideboard, and even a large tray into a bar with some inventive thinking! Stack your bottles, spirits, mixers, and glasses on the tabletop, and store your essential bar tools in a nearby drawer or a large bowl. Even if you’re a teetotaller, you can always use the bar set up to stock juices and mocktail mixers.

Table Decorations and Centrepieces
Even simple table settings can look special just by adding appropriate accents. You can have a New Year-themed setting or keep it simple. Traditionally, New Year’s fresh beginnings are symbolised by buds, blossoms and green sprigs, so florists stock elaborate flower bouquets that can be propped in a vase as a centrepiece. It helps to set the table correctly with a table runner, a placemat, dinner plates, napkins, and silverware. Elaborate tablescapes are an art, and the layout can turn out as fancy as you would like!