Home decor ideas that will set the pace for 2024

Ever since Marie Kondo released a primer on decluttering, we have become all too familiar with the premise of letting go of belongings that no longer serve us a purpose. As we approach the first day of 2024, here are a few design sensibilities to help us embrace the New Year with grace, rejuvenation, and poise.

Minimaluxe Design
Minimaluxe, or the ethos of luxury minimalism, is the idea of owning the least amount of possessions possible without making your life seem challenging. The design philosophy appeals especially to a younger audience made up of hipsters and millennials. It includes an interior colour scheme consisting of a neutral palette complemented by large window designs, key furniture pieces, and walled modern art. The pared-back look is very easy to achieve.

Botanical Decoration
Maybe it is the fact that we have been spending more time at home since the pandemic, or that city life keeps us detached from nature, and that we would rather choose ample houseplants over air purifiers! Botanical decoration doesn’t just include adding exotic houseplants like orchids, fiddler figs, and dracaena to every sunny, empty corner of the apartment but also includes earthy tones, art and wallpapers with botanical illustrations, and eco-friendly materials to create an arboreal and sustainable theme.

Thrifting and Upcycling
A New Year’s resolution worth making—and keeping—is the choice of being conscious of what we put into the waste bin. In an era of easy consumerism, so many fabrics and materials that we trash could be upcycled into a new home accessory or at least be given away to someone who can put it to good use. It could be the beginning of a new creative hobby and is cost-effective. Also, it would be sustainable to consider the occasions where shopping at a thrift or pre-loved home decor outlet would make more sense than splurging on a new item.

Cultural Fusion
As we inevitably modernise and embrace the future—at the end of the year—it is worth considering which part of our ancestry and culture we want to hold on to. How would we reflect our design traditions in our home interiors? Interior design is also a meaningful reflection of our cultural heritage, familial experiences, and our ethnicity. Create a living space that uniquely honours your traditions and aesthetics.

Retro Revival
Who doesn’t love an apartment filled with antique furniture and vintage decor? If planned carefully, not only do these dated items from the past reveal a pedigree and a flair for sophistication, but they also make a sound investment! It helps for a beginner to think of a period or era that appeals to them, then work their way around replicating a material palette and owning collectables that reflect that day and age.