2023’s Best Home Styling Trends

At the end of the year, every architect, interior designer, and material vendor puts out their spin on which home decor trends will be popular in the upcoming year. At Open Atelier, the ultimate style statement is always pursuing passion projects that stay true to the homeowner’s personality while being cognizant of trends. We are offering a sense of direction regarding where home styling is headed in 2024; feel free to experiment with anything that you find inspiring in your residence:

Curvilinear Furniture
We have all encountered more than our fair share of rough edges over the last few years; this may be why curvilinear interiors are back in vogue, defined by curved or flowing lines in interior spaces. This design concept often creates a free-flowing sense of fluidity and harmony.

Sustainable Home Decor
As we collectively combat environmental issues surrounding surplus produce, waste management, and climate change, the design world has innovated many sustainable options using reclaimed materials, upcycled goods and earth-friendly products. Switch over to sustainable interiors using non-toxic, responsibly sourced, and renewable materials whenever possible, including wood from sustainably managed forests, recycled materials, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, and non-toxic adhesives.

Homes Inspired By Hotel Rooms
Have you paid attention to how efficient the design of a hotel suite is? Homeowners globally love to emulate hotel room designs; this trend will likely spill over into 2024. The next time you check in at your favourite hotel, pay attention to the design elements that you find inspiring in its interiors—the snack bar, charging docks with inconspicuous wiring, and the space-efficient compact layout. Can this design be replicated at home to make daily living feel like a staycation?

Brutalist Interiors
Known for a raw and industrial aesthetic characterised by concrete, exposed structural elements, monochromes and minimalistic design, many sculptors, lighting designers, and homeware specialists are accessorising interiors with Brutalist themes this season. The look emphasises clean lines, industrial design, no ornamentation, very basic upholstery on furnishings, and eschewing busy backgrounds.

Metallic Decor and Accents
A material palette accented by metallic hints in interiors can add a touch of glamour and sophistication without being too over the top. Lend a modern edge to your living space with muted platinum finishes or something exotic like rose gold or copper home decor instead of gold.